Do a review about Sushiro♪
Do a review about Sushiro♪
Application Period:2019/05/07 ~ 2019/06/06
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Post on Social Media


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The name of the services / events

Sushiro PR

Job information

Please report about Japan’s fast-food restaurant, conveyer-belt sushi restaurant, ‘Sushiro’!
Make a promotional video about sushi going around a conveyer-belt♪ 
How to post: Make an appealing and catchy video about conveyer-belt sushi.

Place: A Sushiro location of your choice♪ 
[Compensation] ¥4,000

 *Transportation expenses, food and beverage expenses are included in this amount.
 *Payment date: The 15th of the month following month you report about making a post on Instagram
 *Payment method: Seven Payment (Receive at the ATM)

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How to apply

①Sign in or sign up with YOLO JAPAN

②Click the apply button

③Register the necessary information in the application form Sign in with your Facebook account (skip if only using linked Facebook)

④Send application information to complete

Process after the application

Please make sure that your email account settings are correct to receive emails from YOLO JAPAN as you will receive an email about how to receive a trial day.

Do a review about Sushiro♪
Receive a bonus for sharing
4000 yen