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Promote your favorite matcha sweets♪
Promote your favorite matcha sweets♪
Application Period:2019/04/23 ~ 2019/06/28
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Promoting matcha sweets

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Matcha cake, matcha chocolate, matcha latte, etc etc... There are so many different types of matcha sweets, and they're all so delicious! Record your favorite matcha sweets and promote it♪ Location: a cafe, your home, etc. Anywhere you can record your matcha sweets to make them look cute and delicious is OK♪ Number of people who will be hired:4 ※Anyone may apply for this project. There are no particular requirements or conditions to be met in order to apply, but based on the number of followers, the number of likes, and the quality of the images, the one judged to be the most suitable for this job will be considered as a candidate. [Compensation] ¥4,000 *Transportation expenses, food and beverage expenses are included in this amount. *Payment date: The 15th of the month following month you report about making a post on Instagram *Payment method: Seven Payment (Receive at the ATM) Notice: If you choose to withdraw your application, please let us know. Process after application ① Application ② Selection ③ Results will arrive ※Those who are hired will receive an email with these details (agreement form, payment method, hashtags to be used, etc.) ※Selection results will arrive within 5 business days from the end of the recruitment period. For inquiries regarding this project: Contact information: *Please make sure to include the following information in the email. 1) Title 2) YOLO ID 3) Name 4) Email address (Please use the same name and email address as registered with YOLO JAPAN) 5) Inquiry details.

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Promote your favorite matcha sweets♪
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