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Introduce YOLO Japan service with sponsored videos!
Introduce YOLO Japan service with sponsored videos!
Application Period:2019/03/05 ~ 2019/07/31
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Affiliate Program―Grow your followers with YOLO JAPAN!

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Are you a Youtuber? Would you like to be the bridge connecting YOLO JAPAN to the world? Attain this affiliate program and grow your followers together with YOLO JAPAN! ***Program Content*** ①To share information about YOLO Service 1 time a month​ ​ within a 5 mins video. Introduce YOLO JAPAN and combine the info with your other video contents as your way to present it. Example of the sponsored video: ② YOLO JAPAN will pick up high quality videos and share your video with your channel name on Youtube on YOLO JAPAN SNS! There are over 7.5K followers on official platform, over 10K on YOLO SNS. Grow your channel and be famous with us! 【Payment】 A video: 5,000 yen Incentive: ​3,000 yen by every 10 registrations. Depending on your active followers, you could earn as much as you could!! 【Notice】 ※You will receive the payment on 15th every other month you uploaded the video. ※10.21% withholding tax will be taken from your payment. ※Incentive will be counted on every 25th. If you do not meet the minimum conditions, you will not receive the incentive until you meet the limited amount, which is 10, next month. The rest credit will be counted as 300 yen per credit in the final cooperated video. ※Your videos will be used as YOLO JAPAN promoting materials. You will have to hand in your original file. You will be listed in the credit in the end of every film edit by YOLO JAPAN. ※Please upload a video by 20th every month. If you could not make it on time, please inform us privately. -Guide of talking points - Please includes the 3 talk points below with the provided materials as examples on your video: The materials will be uploaded on every Friday on YOLO JAPAN Ambassador group Facebook page. *Information provided in five languages: English, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese. Japaneses learning beginners could also find a proper job via our service. *Besides part-time jobs, marketing survey jobs and one-shot gigs and Influencer jobs, experiencing new products and attending events, are also available for those who want to earn some extra income! *Do not have to prepare CV! Online application with self-recording PR video. ※ Please be sure to attach your invitation code and your register page URL on your video or into column. Encourage your audience to use your code to register!

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①Sign in or sign up with YOLO JAPAN

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Please make sure that your email account settings are correct to receive emails from YOLO JAPAN as you will receive an email about how to receive a trial day.

Introduce YOLO Japan service with sponsored videos!
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