Shoot a 1 minute YOLO JAPAN video advertisement!
Shoot a 1 minute YOLO JAPAN video advertisement!
Application Period:2019/04/08 ~ 2019/06/30
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🎥Looking for a 1 minute YOLO JAPAN video advertisement!🎬

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Are you good at making creative videos? Would you like to produce a video advertisement for YOLO JAPAN and become famous? Talk about YOLO JAPAN to many more people in your own words! ● Condition: Create a 1-minute video advertisement about YOLO JAPAN (Limited to introduction of YOLO) *Please add this slogan at the end of the video: ""You Only Live Once! _______ in Japan with YOLO JAPAN!"" Please be creative and fill in the _______ using your own words! *Please direct the video advertisement and take it yourself. *Please include these 3 points in the video to appeal to the audience! ①YOLO JAPAN is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese. Even Japanese beginners will be able to use it! ②In addition to part-time jobs, there are many choices to choose from such as survey jobs, online questionnaires, and influencer jobs! ③Job applications do not require a resume! Apply online with a self-introduction video! ●Payment:¥3000 Amazon Gift Card 【Important】 *The Size of the video should be H.264 Compression technology. Please use square pixels. *The 25th of each month is the deadline. In the case of not being able to deliver by the deadline, payment will be delayed one month. *Payment method: Join this month and you will get paid by e-mail next month. *Withholding tax 10.21% will be deducted from the salary. *Approved video advertisements will become YOLO JAPAN's. They will be used for editing and for promotional materials. -----To see the flow from application to employment, please see the following steps below--------------------------------------- ①Create a YOLO JAPAN account and apply for a job!  ②After being selected, receive an e-mail within 3 business days. ③Those who have been selected will receive the following e-mail. Those who were not selected will not receive an e-mail <Successful applicants> ④Receive a mail with a written consent form from YOLO JAPAN Marketing. ⑤After completing the written consent form, please send an e-mail to Within 1 business day, YOLO JAPAN will confirm and send a notification of employment e-mail. ⑥Please send the video by e-mail to on the 25th of the current month. ⑦Receive your payment on the 10th of the following month through e-mail!!

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①Sign in or sign up with YOLO JAPAN

②Click the apply button

③Register the necessary information in the application form Sign in with your Facebook account (skip if only using linked Facebook)

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Please make sure that your email account settings are correct to receive emails from YOLO JAPAN as you will receive an email about how to receive a trial day.

Shoot a 1 minute YOLO JAPAN video advertisement!
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